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Please Look After These Plotbunnies
I spent last night devouring the Psychic Wolves for Lupercalia collection. Lupercalia is now definitely over, but I can't stop thinking about it.

(For people who are confused, a brief summary: based on Monette and Bear's A Companion To Wolves. Humans psychically bond with giant wolves, to fight trolls. Female wolves go into heat, humans do too because of psychic bond, so there's a gang bang (i.e. while the wolves are having sex, their human partners have sex with each other. Very rough sex, with very dubious consent.) Sometimes the wolves mate for life, and they and their partners form a stable relationship. Mainly it's about the psychic bond and the together fighting crime trolls.)

And running through the fandoms of my acquaintance, looking for ideas. There are certain fandoms that I'm not competent to write myself, so I'll just throw these ideas out there and see if anyone wants to take them.

Presumably the Navy wolves have been bred for water, and are more like a wolf/Newfoundland or wolf/poodle cross. Does Stephen have a wolf? I'm not sure. Certainly Jack does. And she's female. And she leads him into (and out of) all sorts of confusing scrapes. Now that I've stipulated that Jack's wolf is female, I rather think that Stephen does have a wolf, a male one.

I have no idea how to make Alanna work in this universe. Maybe the pages have no contact at all with the wolves, and thus they don't get a whiff of her until they're squires, so it's actually time to bond. Or maybe the Goddess protects her and changes her scent. But when she bonds with a wolf cub, he knows her secret and protects her. Presumably his name is either Lightning or Faithful.

Lord Peter Wimsey
Normally I don't even read Wimsey fanfic. But the idea of Lord Peter coming home from the war with his faithful wolf, who is very worried about him, but can't get through his shell shock, and then Bunter comes and helps them both. And then, later, Harriet. I'm not sure what sex of wolf, or how to deal with the mating issues. That's getting into the reasons I don't read Wimsey fanfic territory there. But also Lord St George obviously has a wolf too, and it's a careless puppy just like him.

Phryne Fisher
If there were psychic wolves in the Phryne Fisher universe, obviously she would have one. Even if women didn't bond with wolves normally. Even women who drove ambulances during the war. I don't know how she'd acquire one, but she would. Male wolf. Huge and black and sleek, with green eyes. And Lin Chung has a female wolf, and their wolves are mated too - Lin's grandmother made allowances for that when she was reconciled to Phryne and Lin's relationship. And Dot started out being terrified of Phryne's wolf (who probably has a name from French poetry or something) but now is good friends with him. Ditto the girls and the Butlers.

The West Wing
I'm not sure how you'd play it, but I'd love to see psychic wolves in this setting. Whether it's one of those things where families with a tradition of public service all bond to wolves (so most of the main characters) or whether just people who were in active service have wolves (Leo, Admiral Fitzwallace, etc) but either way, wouldn't it be cool?

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